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Which caliber is best for ultra-long range shooting?
The .50 BMG is a classic and well known for its ultra long range capabilities. It has an effective range of 2,000 yards. The round has been around for a century, so there is a good supply of surplus .50 BMG ammunition around. That makes it a bit more economical to shoot. The .416 and .408 are a little flatter shooting than the .50, and their effective range is 2,500 yards.

What kind of scope do I need to put on my ultra long range rifle?
You can shoot only what you can see, so you want a scope that is both durable and exceptionally clear. We recommend Night Force scopes.

Is the .50 or other ultra-long range caliber rifles legal for hunting in my state?
Our ultra long range rifles are legal in most states. Be certain you check your local laws before purchasing a rifle.

Your rifles come in extremely heavy calibers, yet your web site says they have light recoils. How is that?
It's a combination for factors - the mass weight of the rifle, the recoil-reduction system in the stock and our own muzzle brake.

What ranging devices do you suggest?
Leica Geovid binoculars are exceptionally clear and provide accurate ranging to 1,500 yards.

Is ammunition readily available for these rifles?
Yes! No shortages here!

Can I reload for these rifles?
Absolutely. We stock virtually everything you need to reload. Reloading will allow you to get maximum accuracy from your ULR rifle.

If I shoot my ULR off the hood of my truck, will the muzzle blast break my windshield?
The muzzle blast on ULR rifles is significant, so it could happen. We recommend shooting from a prone position or from a solid shooting bench.

Do I need to lap the barrel on my ULR? How often do I need to clean it?
No, virtually all barrels on our finished rifles have been hand-lapped. As far as cleaning the barrel is concerned, clean after every round for the first 10 rounds. Clean after every three rounds after the 10th and 20th rounds, then every 10 rounds thereafter.

Please explain the shell holder bolt design and how it works.
Very simple and failsafe. Simply slide the cartridge into the slot and insert the bolt. The shell holder makes approximately 300 degrees of contact with the cartridge bases, so extraction is virtually guaranteed.

Is it difficult to shoot beyond 1,000 yards?
It's exactly like shooting at closer ranges, except you need a specialized rifle, a great scope and an accurate ranging device. Other than that, it just takes practice.

How much weight does having the barrel
fluted remove?

Only a few ounces. But it sure looks great!

Why are the other calibers so much more expensive than the .50 BMG?
It's the economy of scale. We sell a lot more .50s so we can purchase barrel blanks in larger quantities, which makes them more economical.

Do your Ultra Long Range Rifles 'takedown" easily?
No. We set the head space here at the factory. Taking the rifle apart would change it, which would negatively affect accuracy. However, the stock on our standard ULR rifles collapses so the rifle will fit into standard long rifle cases.

How many rounds can I shoot before my barrel will need to be replaced?
It depends on the ammunition and bullet type you shoot and how the barrel has been cleaned. Typically, you can expect a barrel life of between 2,000 and 4,000 rounds.

Are your barrels chrome lined?
No. While a chrome lining will extend the life of a barrel, it will reduce its accuracy. On a typical deer rifle, one designed to shoot only a few hundred yards accurately, that may not be a worry. On a rifle designed to shoot 1,500 yards, that is a major drawback.

Can I get my ULR rifle custumized?
Yes, tell us what you want. We'll build it.

Are your barrels on your .50 BMGs military surplus machine gun barrels?
That's a good one! No, the barrels on our rifles are brand new and built specifically for ultra long range accuracy.

Can I purchase extra parts?
Yes. Barrels, triggers, bolts, firing pins. Whatever you need.

Can I shoot my .50 BMG at my local gun range?
Always ask first. Some ranges put restrictions on heavy calibers. Some will say no to a .50, but will be fine with a .338 Lapua, .416 or .408. It really depends on the range.

Can I legally sell my .50 BMG to my buddy?
Yes, as long as you follow all federal, state and local laws.

Do I need a special license to buy a .50 BMG?
No. Our .50 BMG and other ULR Rifles classified the same as a deer rifle or a shotgun.

Can anyone shoot these rifles?
Yes. Women and children (with adult supervision, of course!) love shooting our rifles. The recoil is about like that of a .243, so fire away!

Do you ship overseas?
It depends on the law of the county where the rifle is to be shipped. For the most part, yes, we can.

Are the Rifles highly polished show pieces?
No, Noreen rifles are machined finished and not highly polished. Rifles may exhibit light material, machining, etc imperfections. The rifles are to be used not put on display.

More questions?
E-mail us for the answer.

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Noreen BN36 Rifle Warning
Do not use any ammunition manufactured before 1990 in any of our rifles. We will not warranty them